Cycling kit with brand clothing features

No matter what cycling kit and brand you are purchasing either its gloves, pants, or a jersey the gear should make you feel comfortable, Confidence and protect you from weather on your entire long or short distance ride, having right cloth as important as water for your body.

As women cyclist have less income and less time for sports specially for household women tough to spend more time the start buy their basic need from deko in less selecting time and price. We are here to support mainly for women’s, the basics will do just fine.

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Right fitness clothing om cycling

Before starting Gym You may think that what you wear because you’re going to get sweaty anyway. Why it’s so important to wear appropriate clothing when working out because it can either enhance or hurt your exercise routine.

What to wear or not to wear

Large and baggy Clothing can make it difficult to move freely, catch on equipment get them injured, and limit your mobility that wicks moisture away from your body, evaporates.

Dry-Fit, microfiber, polyester fabric designed to move sweat away for keep you comfortable.I am trying to wear long sleeved tops that cover me from cold wind and pants on morning run to cover my body because I live in UK. It gets really cold here.

Not to wear

Stay away from loose or too big clothing or pair of large T-shirt, sweats and trousers isn’t always the best option for fitness wear. Fabric for fitness and gym wear can be light weight fabric and absorb sweat. Untraceable clothing such as jeans, slacks, dress shirts, boots, flip-flops, jewelry, as well as lotions and heavy perfume or cologne avoided when exercising.

Any clothing that is made of non-breathable material is going to stop the release of heat from your body. Due to excessive heating and discomfort that force you to stop exercise.


Instead of wasting time and energy on fashionable clothes try to spend a fortune on workout gear. Get the right tools and you will be set to focus on your game. The difference between ordinary performances and extraordinary could be the little things like what you wear.

Essential of cycling short

 Specialist cycling clothing may look odd to many people who are not attached to cycling ride Particularly athletes  who not has low-body-fat .but without specialist clothing you are not more comfortable, especially for longer rides. The good news for the bashful is that you don’t have to ride head-to-foot in Lycra short.

You probably love to ride and if you have knowledge and experience of choosing cycling apparel get the best deals possible on. Here is some advice to help you pick the short that meets your needs. There are many choices of material and design options because what is best for all the types of riding that goes on out there.

“We love to ride and hope to see you on the road with Deko short”

Cycling Shorts

If your super athletes you overcome your shyness and love to Lycra. It’s totally breathable so you don’t get sweaty and close-fitting shorts move with your body and Wear them without underwear and wash them after every use. Most short placed padding to provide more comfort and relaxation during ride.

Your cycling short must be

According to movement of cycling motion, freedom of movement (stretch) 
Anti Chafe design between the legs and on saddle area 
Padding for the bones (sit bones) 
Silicon elastic to keep shorts in place 
Fabric that can abrade without damage 
High tech materials that sweat well in the heat of exercise.

Bike shorts are padded into the saddle area.

Men’s Padded Bike Shorts

The thickest pads with layers of thick foams or gel inserts that is inside a pair of inside a pair of bicycle shorts also will reduce abrasion and cushions. The padding in the saddle area of a bike short is called the chamois pad. Your pad has more density for long ride, Elite pads usually used and design for long distance riders. There are also unisex pads that both men and women enjoy. Man pads have line or compression the center of the chamois, the women’s chamois have more of a pillow.

DekoSports are using synthetic fibers for pads like Cool-max brand polyester or polyurethane fibers. Each individual who rides has a different opinion on what makes up a good pad and bike short.

Panels Bike shorts often have 4 panels 6 panel or 8 panel shorts.

Inseam short should be a few inches above the knee. But some want a shorter short to avoid tan lines. Professionals typically have thick thighs and look for a slightly longer inseam around 10 inches.

Elastics – Waist elastic is important to keep the shorts in place. Wider elastic has fewer tendencies to roll. Some bike shorts have a drawstring, especially shorts for multiple uses like triathlon and fitness. But a drawstring is not essential for road bike shorts.

Fabric for cycling short/Bib short

Stretchy fabric most used for bicycle short that includes spandex, Nylon/Lycra, Polyester/Lycra. For MTB shorts are usually a six ways, tricolor, knit nylon or polyester. Nylon/Lycra is more abrasion resistant and rugged which means they are long lasting. Polyester/Lycra blends are cool and winking for any weather riding.

The lightweight fabrics are about 5.5 to 6 and medium weight is about 6.5 ounces and a heavy weight fabric about 8 ounces per square yard.

The reason this fabric is used is primarily because of the freedom of movement and comfort during cycling. The compression also helps to enhance blood flow to the muscles which helps reduce fatigue.

Care of Bike Shorts

We recommend the best way care for road shorts is to machine wash to remove all of the sweat and bacteria from the chamois pad and air dry which can lead to saddle sores. Saddle sores are a cyclist’s worst enemy. Air drying the spandex shorts helps the rubber spandex fibers to last longer without drying out.

Functions of cycling jersey

Cycling gear may look a bit strange to some people but for a cyclist and riders of bicycle, bike shorts, jerseys, bike shoes and other bike-specific gear offer both comfort and function for the cyclist. Cycling apparel has become a large industry and there are endless clothing designs and fabrications are developed and many more options for every type of riding and for every weather condition.

As for other sports there is need of exact wearing need also for cycling we need specialized clothing in cycling that enhance the breath ability.

Cycling jersey should be:

The  jersey certainly look their own specialty only for cyclist, basically worn with a tight fit in order to reduce air resistance that helps to reduce force for riders. Its material is also designed to wick moisture from the skin, keeping the cyclist cooler and more comfortable. Keep the cyclist cooler and more comfortable it accommodates the bent-over position.
A cycle jersey offers some features you won’t find in a tee shirt and in other cottons shirts. There are some benefits of cycling jersey:

  • Flexible, tight-fitting material which doesn’t flap in the wind and moves with you.
  • Fabrics that breathe and “wick” your sweat away from your skin remain you dry and cool
  • Three Back pockets for easy access and storage of small items (I pad. Water bottle etc.)While riding.
  • A long front zipper or quart zip and short collar to help you adjust your ventilation needs to the temperature.
  • Bike Jerseys are generally loud, brightly colored designs that increase your visibility in traffic and in night riding also, but if you prefer, you can find jerseys that are a bit less flashy and in smooth colors.
  • Choose a jersey that fits on your specific body when you are on a ride for a long or for a hours at a time don’t buy a jersey because it is cute and you saw its design is perfect and in fashions. Your selected jersey give you comfortable feel, confidence starts with your comfortable appearance.

Choose the right fit

Originally use the skin tight jerseys for increase speed and reduce drag it should be move with your body. Cycling jersey always slightly longer in the back will keep you cover when you are riding. Gripper tap along the hem helps to hold your jersey, jersey made by cycling for women and men is a better choice for cyclist how want to feel confidence and comfort in your gear.


How you dress but it fit of clothing for your body type and ensuring that you are able to move  with flexibility and keep you safe. These things allow you to rider for a long ride.

Winter cycling clothing guide

We are specialized in all kind of customized cycling clothing.High quality custom cycling apparel for winter,summer,autumn simply chose your cycling design.

We start thinking bicycling seasons is over as winter is going to start. But with a more charm and motivation of cycling rider can be highly rewarding in winter with a little knowledge of winter cycling clothing.

Customized Cycling Clothing,Cycling gloves, MTB short,cycling jersey

We are seeing more and more demand as winter well and truly arrived. Frequently asked question in our store in winter season Which Cycling glove, jersey and bib tights,warmer do I need for frozen weather.

“In winter i wouldn’t give it up my cycling ride for the world”

Today morning is the pick of the week so far in UK with a brisk sunny 4 degrees.

Your Cycling clothing will be in winter for cycling ride:

  1. a) Warmth
  2. b) Wind resistance
  3. c) Water resistance
  4. d) Breath ability
  5. e) Palm vibration pads, & bike feel…and how much you feel the cold in your hands.

Cycling clothing

Cycling tights

In the winter keeping riding can be a challenge, but if you wear cycling tights you’re warm and comfortable it is a lot easier. Cycling tights are a great way to keep your lower body at a good temperature.

Tights save you cold wind and rain off your bare skin, avoiding uncomfortable wind chill, but they are made of fairly thin materials to avoid overheating when you start to exert yourself.

Almost all of the cycling  tights that  Dekosports sells are of the latter variety, and  feature specific “winter” pads to provide maximum comfort on long winter rides.

Cycling Waterproof jacket

Cycling rain jacket

Jackets have a similar cut to full waterproof jackets are constructed from lighter materials. We created ideal to put in your pocket when the weather is changeable. They can come on “performance” style close fitting cuts or looser “relaxed” fits.

It protects you from both the rain falling from the sky and the mud coming up from below.

Long sleeve cycling jersey

The long-sleeved version of the jersey is another case in point in winter gear. It’s a really comfortable and versatile cycling top for autumn and spring temperatures.

Main function of these is to keep you warm and comfort between your body and your outer clothing. They are always long sleeved, have a high cut collar and can have added features such as thumb loops to help protect your extremities.


cycling warmer

Arm and leg warmers of Deko usually made of insulating fabric. Arm warmers are providing an extra layer of protection on freezing days beneath a heavy winter jacket as they are being pulled on to tackle.

Warmer should be tight enough to not fall down while not digging in, and it is long enough to cover the whole forearm without having excess material.



In spring or autumn, you may use Overshoes to protect your feet on wet roads and in the winter, you are using them to keep your feet warm and protected from wind chill and water resistance.

Neoprene overshoes are coated in a PU material, which provide you shiny surface, making it more water and wind resistant.

Winter Cycling gloves

If you want to riding in cold weather, make sure you are selecting a pair of gloves that will keep you warm and in control.

“If there is cold your finger will feel it first and fingers are going to frizz”

Your cycling gloves with long cuff and need to keep two essential factors first it outside chilling factors wind and rain, which essentially means wind and rain. Second essential factor is to prevent heat escaping.

Breath ability is also important factor because nobody enjoys sweaty hands and for comfort a quality pair of winter gloves is important.

Cycling Gloves for winter are designed to be worn in sub-zero temperatures, potentially for the coldest road cycling conditions.


Remember, if the product that you buy and arrives and to you then for both UK and International customers. You can return it to us within 365 days, as long as it’s unused and with its original packaging.


Uses of cycling gloves

Before start bicycle ride we think about bicycles Gear and its accessories. First Gear that quickly comes in your mind is not mostly about wearing on your hands. But it’s also necessary to protect your hands skins from natural weather and suddenly happening incidents Like:, vibrations, blisters, and, in the case of a fall, abrasions.

For many years I haven’t cycled and when I was cycling I didn’t pay much attention to riding accessories. Now I watch many bicycle riders wear a certain kind of gloves – that only cover the palm and leave the fingers uncovered.

Gloves reduce pressure on your ulnar nerve, which also causes numbness between your hands and handlebars, which could otherwise cause blisters.

Think about it this way

When you fall off a bike your natural reactions will lead to putting your hands out to stop your fall. Your hands are quite likely to hit the ground first so gloves provide some protection against that and you able to ride again. Not only this help the rider feel smoother as you go, also help reduce those aches you feel.

My hands would always start to go sweaty after a 10 minutes ride on the.

What else can you use them for?

Absolutely, if none of these are problems for you, it’s fine to ride without them. We able to ride for an hour without gloves but it are tough for long rider on (200km+).

Comfort and protection with cycling gloves

Comfort is another factor .You may want different gloves for different ride and season, in the winter most rider wear motorcycle gloves instead of bicycle gloves in winter.

With constant pressure on your hand, a pair of bike gloves can give your skin the extra layer of protection you need to be comfortable, even on the longest(200+)ride. With padded gloves, you’re also less likely to contract handlebar palsy, or ulnar nephropathy. Gloves are important for the hands prevention from cold, wind, and wet air cooler while riding a bicycle.

Better Grip with cycling gloves

Wearing of gloves biggest benefit is protection from the constant friction, added grip and control between your hands and the handlebars. Keep you more comfortable on a long ride of bicycle even ride on long distance.

Cycling gloves grip

For long distance ride your hand and whole body going to sweat. Even your palms are not sweaty. The perspiration from your shoulder will flow down and this will result slippery grip and unstable handling.

  • Hands for handle bar,
  • Feet for pedals and butt for seat.

Above these points quickly receive vibration stress.

The pads absorb the vibration and lessen the transfer to the hand and arms.

Final Thoughts about cycling gloves

It’s more of a light hear-ted approach toward what you could get, to try and show that you can do stuff to make you stand apart. So get your credit card out and start spending . Don’t make any mistake of riding without providing protection to your hands. A better choice of selecting pair will give you better riding and biking experience and keep you safe and enjoyable.

Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hand in case of a spill.

Running Shorts under Running Tights –Winter Running

Running Shorts under Running Tights –Winter Running clothes made of lycra, spandex that are stretchable and long lasting running tights.

Everything is only discussed with friends without any hesitations so, we want listen your all views and requirements related to running tights and cycling wears as creating the friendly relations.

Here is my experience when I start running with shorts in a snowstorm of winter temperature was almost 13 degrees Fahrenheit after that it going to 11F.The road and sidewalks were completely snow covered but I also have incredibly confidence and fun run.

As I usual I spending some time there and comparing my running wearing with weather conditions. like others i am also fan of  running tight I am very choosing about my running tights selections because fitting and material of every brand is vary some irritate me on ankles, tend to down in ride from waist. Comfortable running pair of tights builds your confidence as well you satisfied, happy to spend your penny on tights. My favorite tights are Dekosports tights as a golden tight pairs feeling given to me. The material is friendly, don’t up or down and the fitting is efficient one of all size.

We wear either not to wear shorts under tights, Tights feeling a bit interesting in begging people how not aware about tight functions wear shorts under tights. Running short with the liner removed enough to protect and block the wind. But in winter wearing only tights is uncomfortable. But Deko use wind stopper fabric which have breath ability and moisturize. I also give you suggestion to use a pair of tights, Warmers and running shorts with the great fabric. I feel happy if this post solves shorts or no shorts under tights in winter for running.

Please Place your comments and way of wearing tights and suggestions of shorts with tights.

Stay warm all rider and runners!