DEKO INCAS 3D Coolmax Flat Seams Antibacterial GEL Pad Cycling Bib Short


We believe that INCAS Bib Shorts are the best value on the market today”. After taking extensive advice from road and touring cyclists we can safely assure you the shorts cover every practical aspect for quality and comfort while still remaining stylish and affordable. The ergonomic panels of the shorts are colored in black, with charcoal side panels and a mesh vented black upper back and straps.

INCAS Bib Shorts use fast winking two way stretch Italian Expand fabric with flat stitched seams on the outer leg panels and straps for better comfort and performance. Because even flat seams sometimes can rub you up the wrong way where feasible they have been thoughtfully positioned away from potential chafing areas. The back and shoulder straps of the bib use an Expand mesh fabric that increases ventilation enabling sweat to wick even faster. The legs have a silicone grip strip to prevent excess movement during your ride.Online sale of bib shorts.

The pad is a “3D Pro Stretch GEL Chamois” anatomically designed for longer rides and produced in Italy for Deko Sports. Using dual-layered gel foam on a two way stretch, multi-density profile which stands at an impressive 15mm thick at the sit bones will give you comfort and freedom of movement where you need it. The 3D antibacterial pad with its contours and hydrophilic properties will give a cooler, more comfortable ride because the deep molded channels will efficiently disperse any excess moisture.

Key Features OF BIB SHORTS

Italian XpandX two way stretch fast wicking fabric.
Flat seams stitching.
Vented mesh on straps.
3D Antibacterial GEL Pad

Silicone gripper at hem



Women’s Cycling Apparel

Over the past many years, the Cycling clothing and sports industry has seen a distinct rise in women rather than the usual.  We’ll get there after we design men’s apparel every brands.

Cycling is credit with playing a role in the emancipation of women and the working class. Who would have thought two wheels could help break through years of oppression for women. Women check out a bike on weekends, overall, they still make up only 24.7 percent of riders.

The statistic is made all the more shocking because women make only 26% of cycling journeys in the UK every three men hopping on a bike. Just one woman does the same. That’s why we Deko decided to support women cyclist And while women are an important demographic to target. Clothing infrastructure needs to be planned with children and old people in mind as well.

Data also shows that women are slightly less likely to cycle in present than they were in 2001. As women I feel as though you are taking your life in your hands if you are a cyclist in United Kingdom.

Women’s-specific models

Women and men obviously have different physiologic, with women. In general often being shorter, having narrower shoulders and carrying less muscle mass than men. All Deko clothing designs are based around research and data collected into the average female body. The majority of the collection is for women, including everything from leg warmers to bibs, jerseys, vests, and jackets, Deko designs men’s cycling apparel, too.

We used smooth materials that are build with women-specific geometry not only manage moisture and extend comfort. But also feel great, every design detail is carefully consider for women’s. Deko all employees even designer, production manager are women hired for given  women the right clothes to make those things possible.

We have to get you cover from head to toe with cycling apparel for women, men and kids,

bike jerseys, shorts, and tights that deliver breathable comfort; cycling outerwear that shields you from wet and windy conditions and gloves that protect you from freeze weather and improve grip and many more.

Specific Cycling apparel Price for women.

Like in other field of life in professionals life women also have not equal value and women earning is also less than men. Our designed women gear price will be low as compared to men apparels and mainly convey flexible prices and design that will also suit to a household female.

Ladies Cycling Jersey

Styled in micro polyester has a resilient exterior and a snug fleecy interior. The fabric is both warm and breathable and ideal for those cold weather rides. Smartly colored in white with black feature panels the top has a simple elegance. The shirt has a full length zip, a high collar and full length arms. Fitted to hug the body the jersey has three rear pockets and longer tail to suit the standard cycling position.

  1. Quick Dry lightweight and breathable 100% Polyester fabric construction
  2. Half-length zip
  3. Flat lock seams construction for a smooth and comfortable fit.
  4. XpandX sleeves with sublimation print design.
  5. 3 open pockets.
  6. Silicone anti-slip gripper on waist.

Ladies Bib short

  • XpandX fabric construction that sheds heat quickly, wicks moisture away and evaporates that moisture extremely quickly.
  • Carbon stretch fabric on side panels to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • The carbon repels atmospheric electronic interference from cell phone towers and    power lines that negatively affect performance on the bike.
  • 3D comfortable anatomical design seat pad.
  • Flat lock seams construction for a smooth and comfortable fit.
  • Stretchable mesh braces.
  • Silicone anti-slip gripper on waist.

Deko sports involves in Elite sports expo

Deko sports in Elite Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Expo

Custom cycling wear brand

We are at Elite sports expo….
DEKO Sports International is an England-based company founded in 2016 by its founder Mr M. Rizwan. The company started its first manufacturing from Pakistan. In 1996 and achieved a good market of cycling apparels and gloves in a short span. Mr Rizwan struggled a lot to expand the company business to other countries of the world. Now DEKO brand cycling apparels/gloves are being distributed in different countries. Like Italy, Germany, Costa-Rica, Chile, South Africa, USA, and Australia. Continue reading “Deko sports involves in Elite sports expo”

FIRST – get a helmet. Spend at least $80 and get something good. Maybe a friend has one; I wouldn’t buy a used one from a stranger, no telling what has happened to it. It’s not a matter of if you are going to crash or fall over, it’s when protecting your noggin, it’s the only one you have.

Cycling long legging tights

Start with your contact points; seat-butt first, shoes second and then gloves. If you are going to ride any distance at all, short or bibs are a must. I prefer bibs because they don’t have a waist to squeeze you in half, and you don’t get that jersey/shorts gap. You get what you pay for. Expect to spend $75-$100 on some good long lasting shorts. Try on a bunch to find the brand(Deko) that fit.

Find a saddle next. Maybe your current one is comfortable, maybe not. Your butt will be the #1 reason you will stop riding or lose the motivation. If it’s uncomfortable, it will suck. Fix that first.

Chamois cream – try it out. Some people swear to buy it, some don’t. It’s cheap. Feet are next. Get some cycling shoes and pedals. MTB bike shoes are fine and let you walk around some without looking like a duck. Get something that FITS!! Don’t buy the super cute ones that match but don’t fit! Buy the ones that fit. Your feet will be much happier.

Socks – buy some cycling socks from the deko shop/Amazon/eBay. Not having a blister is worth the $20.

Sunglasses can fit in here somewhere. Protect your eyes. Important, you can buy with $10 knockoffs for a long time. DEKO SPORTS are awesome and worth every penny, but until $150 comes floating in, wear knock offs.

Gloves are a preference. I hate wearing gloves, but I know a lot of people on the other side of the fence. $10-30 for nice winter and summer gloves. Again, make sure they fit. Finally – jersey. Jerseys are better than T-shirts for a couple of reasons. They wick sweat a lot better, so your shirt isn’t always wet. They fit more tightly, so they don’t flap in the wind. This doesn’t sound like a problem until you have worn a flapping shirt for a few hours, and either it’s driven you crazy or rubbed some sensitive part of your chest raw. Plus they are very colorful and look fast.

Dekosports cycling jerseyDekosports cycling jersey

Descriptions of cycling jersey

  • XpandX fabric construction that sheds heat quickly, wicks moisture away and evaporates that moisture extremely quickly.
  • Full length zip.
  • Under arms stretchable mesh and back side mesh panels for maximum air flow.
  • 3 Pockets on back.
  • Silicone anti-slip gripper on waist.

You get what you pay for in jerseys; more money, better quality, better fit, longer lasting.

Arm and knee/leg warmers are the best and cheapest cycling kit way to extend your limited clothing into the winter. You can layer a couple of jerseys, or use a base layer from some other sport. There is a lot of movement and friction in cycling. you are supporting your weight on 4 points, so make sure they are padded and comfortable. try to minimize the friction. Getting a good fit is paramount to enjoying the rest of what makes cycling so fun.

Good Luck