“What should I wear when running?”

We are hearing this question a lot even in summer and winter!

Running wear doesn’t matter your experience and level of running or walking, but having the proper attire is crucial for a great workout experience.

Having the right running clothes is just as important as clothing and accessories for other sports games with comfort and performance. Having right cloth is as important as having the right shoe. It’s created discomfort and negatively effects on your performance of Wearing shirts, shorts or socks made of certain materials.

We’ll start off with what clothes to avoid when running — you may be surprised!

Not to Wear When Running

Saying around there: cotton is rotten. Skin is likely to chafe when wearing cotton and when wearing cotton socks your feet are especially prone to blisters.Don’t try to and don’t even think about wearing wear cotton t-shirt and pants, on a run.

Your sweat are not absorbed by cotton, Cotton holds moisture, your body also not able to get proper temperature you are becoming overheat in summer and Freeze in winter.

All these things also apply on cotton socks and don’t try to wear .Say Good bye to your cotton clothes and socks. Much like with shirts and shorts, cotton fibers in socks will chafe. Because there is more chance of getting blisters and calluses.

What you not wear in running.

Whether you want to running in hot or cold weather, your whole concentration on impacts and feel, your comfort and performance. When looking at clothing material alone for running wear, but cotton is the clear loser even when it comes to helping regulate your body’s temperature.

Because cotton is not having absorbing functions once cotton gets wet with sweat, it stays wet. In cold weather or in hot weather this is incredibly uncomfortable and it can even be dangerous.

  •          Synthetic t-shirt: breath ability rating of 150 cfm.
  •           Cotton t-shirt: breath ability rating of 30 cfm.

What Clothes To Wear When Running

  • Fabric should be lightweight
  • High performance fabric
  • Designed to absorb moisture away from the skin.

Fabric that is typically uses synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester or Lycra. All these Fabrics will keep you dry and comfortable during your running, stop by our store and let our staff help you find cycling and running clothing to fit your needs.

During running Wearing a technical shirt keeps you cooler because moisture is moved away from your skin to a greater surface area. Proper running wear also allows evaporation to occur more rapidly and meaning a synthetic shirt can keep you dryer and cooler.