Girls legging in fashion

Good quality leggings can make a difference to your look, so I think it worthwhile investing in a good pair.

Leggings” (woven fabric leggings) are my absolute wardrobe staple. I have them in  many colors and designs even in pastels they are so flattering for “inverted triangle” types, putting more volume around the legs, in order to balance a big bust and broad shoulders.

That’s also why they cannot be “flashy” enough! (I though do not like animal prints, except zebra, so this is not an issue for me). I had already started wearing skinny jeans and pants as soon as they made their comeback by 2005, mostly with short dresses. And “leggings” do the same job … a lot cheaper, with flashier designs and more comfortable. Nowadays, I would kind of feel “naked” in a dress with tights only.
I even wear black “leggings for (easy) business occasions with a white shirt and a long black boyfriend blazer (long defined legs seem to make up for the “not recommended” not fitted blazer.

Age is not a factor to affect your looks, if you carry off what you wear with confidence. Belief in you is the key to fashion in the slightly higher age bracket.

I love to wear leggings. I wear them for casual and dressy. I also wear leggings over tights and under long johns in the winter.

You can wear your leggings with summery jersey dresses. This is especially nice when you select a great print. Another option is to choose a cotton short dress in a light color, like breezy white dress.

I think ballet flats can work really well with leggings as can some funky sandals. You can definitely consider navy which is a bit softer than black and can look really great with lots of colors.

Leggings are not pants or tights

Leggings are wonderful in so many ways, including their ability to blend style and comfort in one clothing item. But they are not, under any circumstance, considered pants. (Sorry).

They also are not office attire—for that we have plenty of to choose from. Nor are leggings to be worn as tights under dresses. Leggings are not pants or tights.


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