Winter cycling clothing guide

We are specialized in all kind of customized cycling clothing.High quality custom cycling apparel for winter,summer,autumn simply chose your cycling design.


We start thinking bicycling seasons is over as winter is going to start. But with a more charm and motivation of cycling rider can be highly rewarding in winter with a little knowledge of winter cycling clothing.

Customized Cycling Clothing,Cycling gloves, MTB short,cycling jersey

We are seeing more and more demand as winter well and truly arrived. Frequently asked question in our store in winter season Which Cycling glove, jersey and bib tights,warmer do I need for frozen weather.

“In winter i wouldn’t give it up my cycling ride for the world”

Today morning is the pick of the week so far in UK with a brisk sunny 4 degrees.

Your Cycling clothing will be in winter for cycling ride:

  1. a) Warmth
  2. b) Wind resistance
  3. c) Water resistance
  4. d) Breath ability
  5. e) Palm vibration pads, & bike feel…and how much you feel the cold in your hands.

Cycling clothing

Cycling tights

In the winter keeping riding can be a challenge, but if you wear cycling tights you’re warm and comfortable it is a lot easier. Cycling tights are a great way to keep your lower body at a good temperature.

Tights save you cold wind and rain off your bare skin, avoiding uncomfortable wind chill, but they are made of fairly thin materials to avoid overheating when you start to exert yourself.

Almost all of the cycling  tights that  Dekosports sells are of the latter variety, and  feature specific “winter” pads to provide maximum comfort on long winter rides.

Cycling Waterproof jacket

Cycling rain jacket

Jackets have a similar cut to full waterproof jackets are constructed from lighter materials. We created ideal to put in your pocket when the weather is changeable. They can come on “performance” style close fitting cuts or looser “relaxed” fits.

It protects you from both the rain falling from the sky and the mud coming up from below.

Long sleeve cycling jersey

The long-sleeved version of the jersey is another case in point in winter gear. It’s a really comfortable and versatile cycling top for autumn and spring temperatures.

Main function of these is to keep you warm and comfort between your body and your outer clothing. They are always long sleeved, have a high cut collar and can have added features such as thumb loops to help protect your extremities.


cycling warmer

Arm and leg warmers of Deko usually made of insulating fabric. Arm warmers are providing an extra layer of protection on freezing days beneath a heavy winter jacket as they are being pulled on to tackle.

Warmer should be tight enough to not fall down while not digging in, and it is long enough to cover the whole forearm without having excess material.



In spring or autumn, you may use Overshoes to protect your feet on wet roads and in the winter, you are using them to keep your feet warm and protected from wind chill and water resistance.

Neoprene overshoes are coated in a PU material, which provide you shiny surface, making it more water and wind resistant.

Winter Cycling gloves

If you want to riding in cold weather, make sure you are selecting a pair of gloves that will keep you warm and in control.

“If there is cold your finger will feel it first and fingers are going to frizz”

Your cycling gloves with long cuff and need to keep two essential factors first it outside chilling factors wind and rain, which essentially means wind and rain. Second essential factor is to prevent heat escaping.

Breath ability is also important factor because nobody enjoys sweaty hands and for comfort a quality pair of winter gloves is important.

Cycling Gloves for winter are designed to be worn in sub-zero temperatures, potentially for the coldest road cycling conditions.


Remember, if the product that you buy and arrives and to you then for both UK and International customers. You can return it to us within 365 days, as long as it’s unused and with its original packaging.

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