Running Shorts under Running Tights –Winter Running

Running Shorts under Running Tights –Winter Running clothes made of lycra, spandex that are stretchable and long lasting running tights.


Everything is only discussed with friends without any hesitations so, we want listen your all views and requirements related to running tights and cycling wears as creating the friendly relations.

Here is my experience when I start running with shorts in a snowstorm of winter temperature was almost 13 degrees Fahrenheit after that it going to 11F.The road and sidewalks were completely snow covered but I also have incredibly confidence and fun run.

As I usual I spending some time there and comparing my running wearing with weather conditions. like others i am also fan of  running tight I am very choosing about my running tights selections because fitting and material of every brand is vary some irritate me on ankles, tend to down in ride from waist. Comfortable running pair of tights builds your confidence as well you satisfied, happy to spend your penny on tights. My favorite tights are Dekosports tights as a golden tight pairs feeling given to me. The material is friendly, don’t up or down and the fitting is efficient one of all size.

We wear either not to wear shorts under tights, Tights feeling a bit interesting in begging people how not aware about tight functions wear shorts under tights. Running short with the liner removed enough to protect and block the wind. But in winter wearing only tights is uncomfortable. But Deko use wind stopper fabric which have breath ability and moisturize. I also give you suggestion to use a pair of tights, Warmers and running shorts with the great fabric. I feel happy if this post solves shorts or no shorts under tights in winter for running.

Please Place your comments and way of wearing tights and suggestions of shorts with tights.

Stay warm all rider and runners!

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