Fitness legging with pocket for women in UK

Fitness legging,casual,running legging with pocket in UK eBay sale for women comfortableness with stretchable fabric available in colors and designs.


Dear all reader happy new year of 2017 fabulous things arrived in dekoshop for you! This year is making change. We are motivators of fitness, running, Cycling and sports wears changing careers towards.Me sharing my experience as fitness trainer despite that fitness industry have no magic formula, should not need expensive workout wear buy, need to be a realistic.Legging or a pants

Leggings are better than pants more easy to wear, comfort, delighted prints, style. Also informed legging is not pants. Every legging pair is made from stretch material that designed for more comfortable feel and experience and forget you are wear them. There are so many unique prints, materials design to choose. That why we going to like legging not want to go back on pants.

Leggings are perfectly fit, versatile and prints for GYM, holidays, shopping, casual or kitty party even usable for office work enough to sleep in any position or staying for lazy evening.Jeans and old pants cut off circulations and not more stretchable but legging is so, don’t forget to wear soft mad stretchy material.

Freedom of movement

You do yoga, dance or you are house wife you feel more comfortable in legging instead of your old pants or jeans, our stretch Lycra fabric moves with your movement and never sag. Our fitness legging skin fit with high waistband make it stylish and more comfortable.

So many legging style

We have more than 1000 of print and every print has new stitching style. Taking ideas form customer for new designing method and follow ups.


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