Deko Time trial finger less gloves for summer

Detail explanation of cycling gloves

Time trial gloves are developed for better performance bicycle that great for more grip and race in summer proving you easy way of ride that give you more confidence that are giving you more grip. Fitting is so smoothly and moves with your hands’ movements flexibly.Our athletic expertise is experienced and commented that great prove for summer race in test time. Time trial gloves are suitable for both long distance ride and short distance ride, more efficient than standard gloves.

Padded detail of gloves

Its Gel Padding gives you comfortable and feels a smoother feeling from a handler. Padded have an extra layer that avoids you from irritation, blister, abrasion and silicon anti-slip printing give you more grip. UPF rated all expect with a mesh panel that providing you high sun protection.
Deko time trial gloves have no Velcro closure that give ventilation of air,  keep hand warm. Wholes in palm away sweat skin temperature.
Made of Synthetic palm silicone anti-slip printing. PULL OFF loops on a palm. Back made of stretchy Energies Lycra with silicone printing logo.

Feature of Track summer mitts

1: Comfortable Stretchy Extra Long Cuff to keep the wrists warm.
2: XpandX four-way stretch backhands with Deko Torque logo.
3: Amara (synthetic suede) protector between thumb and index finger.
4: Vented Amara (synthetic suede) fingers with glove pull between middle and ring fingers for easier removal.
5: Soft vented Amara, (synthetic suede) palm for comfort and mobility.
6: Gel padding that adding protection while riding.
7: Amara (synthetic suede) pull on pulse tab.


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