Cycling jersey for cycling rider:-Custom jersey

Winter cycling jersey for long distance ride.Best fitting and stretchable fabric with full sleeves winter cycling jerseys.


There is lot of difference in running shirt and cycling jersey, both features.  Manufacturing design its fabric detail, fitting all have different characteristics. A jersey for cycling is designed to fit a person but running shirt or bottom or not so fitted for runner.

Fitted properly and cheap jerseys in good quality featuring few things with grip cuff that not constricting your movement or blood circulation. The fitting is not to lose that half of inch pinch up in sleeves edge. Sleeve should definitely never flap during ride in wind. Cycling jerseys for men in UK easily available for all riders with bib suits or matching bib short.Cycling full sleeve jersey

Shirt clothing terms for cycling you need base layer more tights than your usual workout jerseys, close enough to your skins that not showing any chafing and sweat away. proper flow of wind for your body.

But these jerseys are not so fitted that show your six packs.

ENDURA loose fit jerseys or choose ALTURA, and Gore. For tight or close fitting you try Assos, Catelli, or Mavic jerseys. All these cycling jerseys brand using same material features and adding just more feature for adding more price.DekoSports cycling jerseys for men and women are have same fitting and material characteristics with feature that are providing more comfortable but all are in best quality jackets and jersey with matching bib shorts.

Want to know more know about Deko cycling clothing read.

Material of cycling jersey

  • -D-Robax fabric construction for warmth and comfort.
  • -Front full length angled zip with flap to control cold wind during ride.
  • – Flat lock seams construction for a smooth and comfortable fit.
  • -3 open pockets on back.
  • U PF tested material of winter jersey; white color in jersey offers the least UV protection. It is long-term wash out and use able.

Long Sleeve Jersey 

Usually is used in specific weather or for too cold weather, women also simply wear arm warmers on short sleeve jerseys. Jerseys provide coverage in cold due to warmth fabric of long sleeves.Elasticated wrist and waist band.

cycling jersey
Cycling gloves

ZIP Garage

A zip garage stops the top of the zip irritating your neck Top of zip have a small flap of fabric, covering zip pull. Zip garage stop irritating your neck or caught beard.


Jersey full sleeves cut long at back and short at front for more comfort even with use short or bib short with cycling jersey. The more commuter fit sizing software or used.

Cycling tips

Before buying check the jersey in changing room not ride up back it,if it, Select another jersey or size of jersey.

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