Torque Magma autumn windproof Cycling Glove for sale

Gloves for warm to autumn season with effective layers of wind stopper and Roubax cuff mostly used in winter and for autumn season that giving you more weather smooth feeling Due to its light weight and using of extra feature fabric wind stopper. That absorbs sweat and protection from cold wind. Cycling gloves have maximum breath-ability, versatility, and warmth, trendy for outdoor garments. Due to its fabric lightest weight, it is most pack-able gloves. It destroys the warm layer of air next to your skin for long distance ride.

Padded gloves

Palm of gloves and its fingers has silicon gripper for a strong grip even in a minimal degree of padding. Its padding design is assured after tested its manufactured.

Material features

Wristband that giving you winds free ride that is without Velcro closures. Available in different sizes. An attractive color is used for women cyclist especially.

Gel Padded gloves that provide you more relaxation protection in sudden accidents.Reinforced with Amara (synthetic leather) patch between thumb and index finger. Padding in the right place providing for comfort in longer bicycle rides. Attractive red design in palm makes a reflection of love.

Product detail descriptions

  1. Comfortable Elasticated D-Rob-ax Cuff.
  2. D-Tex windproof face with reflector strip.
  3. Reinforced with Amara (synthetic leather) protection between thumb and index finger.
  4. Breathable four-way stretch D-Rob-ax is used to bridge the fingers while giving greater freedom of movement.
  5. “Get a Grip” silicon on the index and middle finger to aid grip while breaking.
  6. Gel D-X Padding for added comfort.
  7. Amara (synthetic leather) on the palm and thumb of the glove.


After riding dry you gloves completely and turn them inside after dry on the outside


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