Deko sports involves in Elite sports expo

Deko sports in Elite Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Expo


Custom cycling wear brand

We are at Elite sports expo….
DEKO Sports International is an England-based company founded in 2016 by its founder Mr M. Rizwan. The company started its first manufacturing from Pakistan. In 1996 and achieved a good market of cycling apparels and gloves in a short span. Mr Rizwan struggled a lot to expand the company business to other countries of the world. Now DEKO brand cycling apparels/gloves are being distributed in different countries. Like Italy, Germany, Costa-Rica, Chile, South Africa, USA, and Australia.

We undertake the development, design, and production of all of our products to ensure the highest level of enjoyment and satisfaction for the rider. At its core, DEKO encourages healthy, happy lives and seeks to inspire people to achieve their personal goals. Whatever those may be. That`s why DEKO is also well know in Pakistan and take part all National events with a cooperation of `Pakistan Cycling Federation` to promote healthy activities in Pakistan. Our products are designed to ensure fit, durability, performance and comfort across the production techniques, choice of materials and special features.


custom cycling wear
custom cycling wear

Across our line, you`ll find items that can span your use as a rider, whether you are a roadie, mountain biker, cross racer or a mix of everything. In honor of this, we seek to give you cycling products that have cross-functionality and multi-use applications. Our slogan, `The

Art of Cycling`, showcases our commitment to accompanying the rider in his or her pursuit of these goals, no matter the size.

7th to 8th June 2017, Excel London
Doors: 10AM – 5PM

The Elite Sports Expo Performance & Rehabilitation Expo


The Elite Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Expo is the most interactive and comprehensive event for the European elite sports profession
Two days, exhibitors, seminars and workshops will allow you to access a world of innovation and education, delivered by sports performance experts. Rehabilitation practitioners from professional sports clubs and elite level universities from across Europe.

Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation runs alongside:

RYSM Group is the UK’s most prominent exhibition organizer. Have an outstanding reputation for creating events distinguished for their innovation, creativity, and vision. Farm Business Innovation – providing education, innovation, and an unparalleled level of opportunity for each event’s highly-targeted visitor are PRYSM’s three fundamental values when creating exhilarating events. PRYSM Group’s influence is blossoming at a rapid rate, and as their events continue to break new ground.  Reach advanced territory, their name will stretch around the globe as being the world’s most exciting exhibition organizer.

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