Customized cycling clothing UK

Custom cycling wear in florescent colors that presenting team and more visibility in dark and in road custom cycling clothing.


DEKO SPORTS is introducing custom cycling clothing in fluorescent colors in dye sublimation in 4-color or 8-color configuration with CMYK. Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Orange, Violet, Fluorescent Pink and Yellow inks that offer a wide gamut of incredible results. Fluorescent inks are very popular in these days for sports outfits. The fluorescent pink and yellow inks deliver bright neon colors which are highly desirable in the cycling and running wear market. The fluorescent inks reach beyond the traditional color range of magenta and yellow inks enabling the reproduction of intensely vivid colors. Fluorescent adds color and dynamism to cycling wear.

custom cycling clothing

It also represents a practical solution for sports coverage in which spectators can easily see the players. Our quality inks deliver stunning color and quality to sublimated fabrics. The sublimation ink line is use to print on polyester and poly amide (Lycra, nylon) fabrics. These are common fabrics use for sportswear and outerwear along with mixed synthetic fabrics. Dye Sublimation always remain ideal for sportswear because the ink does not sit on top of the fabric. Bright images do not fade or lose vibrancy with time.custom cycling wear

Dye sublimation has many benefits some of these are as below:

  • Durability: images do not wash off or fade
  • Printing does not crack
  • Designs are dye directly into the fabric
  • Colors, blends, shadows, shapes are not limit to sublimation printing

We provide professional custom cycling clothing with Eco-friendly inks that are printed on paper. The disperse dyes are transfer from the paper to a textile creating a vibrant image. Our quality sublimation ink formula has made it possible for the dyes to run through high-speed print heads without clogging. We are commit to providing our customers outstanding print quality and productivity for sportswear.

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