Suggestion for investing in Bib shorts or Shorts

I am looking to make a small investment so I can buy a small nice cycling gear for the road bike that fit me later on. Things I need, I need some cycling short or bib shorts it’s winter so I am not sure which. Maybe a jersey eventually for snacks and things should I get the short sleeve with warmers or a long sleeve then buy another for spring/summer.

Bib short or short buyer guide line

In my opinion first should be Bib shorts instead of short. Bib shorts change your experience change you’re riding for the better. Shorts, can be the ride in a tee or hoody but you also like some quality padded bib shorts of Deko sports (Deko Narvi Men’s New Cycling Bike shorts or Elara 6 panel Cycle Shorts) with shorts then pick up leg warmers. Try to make sure the pad shape is both comfortable for you and that its shape fits your body’s individual geometry well.

If you are only going to get one pair that seems like a better choice than getting tights but not being able to make them shorter. Chuck loose shorts over if riding trails but I pretty much wear in some form for every ride.

I would prefer Bib more as they don’t cut in as much on your waist and they don’t have a waist to squeeze you in half, and you don’t get that jersey/shorts gap but that’s subjective to the wearer. Do bib for right now and layer you have until you pick up some more pieces. I’m not a huge fan of Pearl Izumi bibs but lots of people love them. Deko Sports have something that fits you well and that you can easily stay comfortable in for at least two hours and you’re well on your way to having cycling kit that you won’t dread wearing.

My starting cycling kit would be at DEKOSHOP.CO.UK:

  • Wraparound sunglasses
  • One or more short sleeve jerseys (Deko BURQA or DKSJ-3B-wht-blk_R) if you ride back-to-back days
  • Bib shorts (Deko Tethys XpandX Black and White Bib Shorts)
  • Arm warmers/leg warmers (Deko DKARM-WR)
  • Long sleeve base layer (Deko HATI –II)
  • 100% waterproof rain jacket (thin enough to ball up into a jersey pocket. doubles as a wind jacket. I don’t mind being caught in wind wearing my rain jacket, but hate being caught in rain wearing my (non-waterproof) wind jacket!) -thin, medium and thick socks (as per the weather in your area)
  • Shoe covers (if you ride in cold and/or wet weather (Deko DKOS-20)
  • Pair cycling gloves (half finger and full finger (DKSG-1014-004 OR DKWG-905)
  • Brand new helmet (All helmets sold by cycling retailers/bike shops will be ‘approved’.

Avoid department store helmets. Price alone is not a reliable indicator of quality). -chamois cream (only once you start riding longer distances. Chafing can be a ride-ending problem!). Lastly, start planning now to find a job that will allow you in 10 years’ time to own bike gear that collectively costs more than most people spend on a car 😉

Summing up

The more flexible you can make your cycling clothing the better. I have the link to this company and recommended for their reasonable priced clothing and offers the bundle. You can’t beat them for a price even once you factor in shipping. Just wait about a month for autumn bundles.

I am the fan of layering with knee and arm warmers, Base layers and short sleeve jerseys. A wind vest, jacket, tights and shoe covers can help if you ride in cold temperature. There is a lot of movement and friction in cycling. You are supporting your weight on 4 points, so make sure they are padded and comfortable. Try to minimize the friction. Getting a good fit is paramount to enjoying the rest of what makes cycling so fun.


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