Rainy weather cycling overshoe-shoe covers keep you dry and warm

Cycling shoe covers-overshoe

All kind of decent pair of cycling overshoe and cycling shoe cover that prevent you from cold and remain your shoe safe from wear and tear during cycling ride from the pedal and any sudden accident. Shoe cover with features of waterproof, water resistant, windproof, insulating neoprene with extra features of riding in foggy days and in snowfall season shoe cover, over the shoe. You get protection and coverage to your expensive shiny shoes with disposable shoe covers.

Shoes Cover
Waterproof shoe cover


  • Made of Rip stop water proof fabric.
  • Velcro closing on a back.
  • DEKO reflective logo.
  • cycling rain cover in Fluorescent colors

No zipper, innovate design of reflective MTB overshoes, Velcro instead of zipping. Shoe cover is Easy to fit in your cycling jersey pocket or saddle bag. Unisex Shoe cover recommended for your road runner, cycling, and Triathlons games also for mountain bikers. Over shoe made from light weight, flexible material neoprene fabric or windproof materials(used in rain waterproof Gilet) that usually, keep the water out, keep your feet warm. Its reflective log details keep you visibility and extra features added. Velcro detail ensures right fitting and easy pull on.

The biggest chink in their Deko covers is water getting in around the leg openings, soaking down your tights, and through the cleat holes in the sole. Typically Black color Shoe cover is mostly used but sizing is most important.

overshoe UK Size chart

More importance of shoe covers for cyclist long ride

Performance clothing is obviously available, not that it is particularly helpful to the casual or urban cyclist. The one notable exception, however, is cycling shoes. Cycling shoes give you added benefit of forcing you to ride with good form, and their rigid soles help you to access your muscles more efficiently.

WATER PROOF SHPE COVERThis may save you some time and energy, and slipping on a new pair of shoes takes minimal effort to a destination (unlike changing an entire outfit). However, I’m hesitant to encourage people to get cycling shoes early on. Toe clips can easily be added to pedals to get most of the benefits of cycling shoes, and they require much less commitment. However, that said, if you start commuting to work daily, cycling overshoes might be a good investment.

Mostly riders wearing road shoes with cleats. Cleat hole from the bottom a lot of water comes up from ground not sure shoe cover keep your feet dry.

Washing instructions of overshoe

Clean disposable cycling shoe covers with cool water or with a dry cloth because the material of overshoe doesn’t absorb water.

Summing up

overshoe cover is not purely waterproof. Not keep you dry if it’s raining hard enough water run down your legs into your shoes. I probably focus on dryness and don’t care about warmness and not want to spend £75or so on overshoe.


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